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U-Report changing how people express and view themselves!
I heard about U-Report from one of your members when I was in s.6 at my school Winstone. U-report has helped me to express my feelings to others; I am able to talk through everything that is disturbing me. E.g. A girl who was raped shared her experience with U-reporters and they helped her out this has encouraged us to express our feelings.

U-report has helped in girl child education through helping them to accept who they are more especially those who are disabled like deaf, lame, blind among others.

U-report has helped me to interact with people that I don’t know. By doing so U-report has invited me to attend conference held at Namirembe guest house and this is socialising with others.

U-report has also helped me to get solutions for my problems not like in some time back where I couldn’t solve my own problems for example like if I get a problem, I can solve it without bothering others.

In conclusion I really appreciate UNICEF for encouraging /empowering us as youth.
See by the numbers how we are engaging youth voices for positive social change.