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U-Reporter Testimony 4: Pastor Kintu George William

I am Pastor Kintu George William of Remnants Vessel Church – Kisowera, Mukono. It was my daughter, Keizaki Joselyn who introduced U-report to me, and that was about two years ago. I became interested and joined immediately.

U-report has brought to my awareness many issues that require our attention: Educational issues, Health issues, security issues etc. Indeed it was through U-report that I realized that we Ugandans are a bigger solution to most of the challenges before us, first by becoming vigilant participants.

The issues that are usually brought forward are a challenge to life and the community’s wellbeing. Through these issues, I’ve been shaped to be a caring person. I realized that sensitization is one of the best ways to eliminate unfavorable conditions. Whenever a touching issue is brought to my attention through U-report, I do not hesitate to pass it on to those in my reach. The two most relevant channels at my exposure are:

§  The congregation that makes up the church I pastor.

§  The village vulnerable children’s committee on which I am a member (a religious leaders’ representative)

In the church, I pass on the issue in a form of an announcement or I prepare a sermon in relation to it. It all depends on how well it will be delivered. At the village vulnerable children’s committee, I usually bring the issue forward for discussion after which each member is asked to pass on the information to the community around him or her. Attached to this report is a sermon I once preached when I was delivering a message of immunization to the people.

As a result of participation, though we are a congregation of few people, we managed to take back to school a girl who was dropping out after her O-level certificate because of not even affording the requirements and a few school dues in an USE school. I am happy that she has done her A-level exams this year. I am praying that God intervenes for her institutional tutorship.

Young people make up the highest percentage of the population in Uganda. Given a chance to knowledge on all issues and then access to management of these issues, the indicators for peace will be visible from all corners of this country.

Uganda has all along been fighting three great enemies: (I) Ignorance, (II) Poverty, and (III) Disease. But the greatest of the three is ignorance. It is ignorance that keeps the other two affront all the time. Having our government and other institutions bringing awareness and engagement to the young people on all issues that pertain to our wellbeing, I see a new generation of peace and development. 

See by the numbers how we are engaging youth voices for positive social change.