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U-Reporter testimony 2

We asked the U-Reporters to tell us how U-Report had changed their lives or what impact U-Report have had in their community. This is one of those testimonies:

I have been a U-reporter since 2013. I got to know about U-report through NTV but was encouraged to join by a friend who was already reporting.

U -report is one of the best media plat form I have joined because it deals with issues that are directly affecting me and the community at large. U–report is very interactive and builds awareness to the masses.

Through u-report I have learnt a lot from social, economic and health information that is always shared. My self-confidence and esteem has been built because my views cause an impact to our nation Uganda. Am now self-driven ,motivated and innovative .I now run a small retail shop back home which has increased on my income .I have also been able to encourage the youth to start up small businesses and not just to wait to be employed.

The information and sensitization on disease outbreak like the recent Marburg which was able to be contained early because of the wide spread gospel from U-report.

The child days plus has benefited both me and my community around. Whenever I receive the messages reminding us of the days, I always remind the mothers in the community to take their children for services offered .This has seen improvement on the physical health of the children.

In a nutshell I take this honour to say thank you to U-report that has empowered the youth and are able to listen to our cries.
See by the numbers how we are engaging youth voices for positive social change.