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U-Reporter testimony 1

We asked the U-Reporters to tell us how U-Report had changed their lives or what impact U-Report have had in their community. This is one of those testimonies:

"U-report has done things which have changed my life completely. It has alerted me on various issues e.g. health, education political and etc. Due to the sms my community changed, as follows in the explanation.

The medicine was not in the health Centre ii and iii and people used to go to the health centres in town but immediately i started getting the messages I communicated to the youth and now we are having good service delivery.

The alerts of diseases e.g. Marburg helped me and my fellows to communicate and people took it seriously since some people neither have radios nor read newspapers.

U -report called for a business clinic in Mbale. We had a good time and got ideas concerning business. I learnt business concept which I didn’t know and I am using this idea in my daily life to earn a living.

It also gives me an opportunity to think wide and communicate to the entire nation.

I thank U-report to for changing my life and enabling me to know and meet new people where we share ideas.

I am proud to be a U-reporter and I pray to Allah that all our views and dreams of U-report come true .Amen."

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