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Member of Parliament engages with U-Reporters in her district!

On the 8th of March Hon Huda Abeson, Woman MP Representative for Yumbe district sent a text message to 8500, U-Report shortcode. The poll question was directed to her constituency after concerns of persistent poor performance at the National Primary Leaving Examination. As a matter of fact, Yumbe district’s bottom 10 performance has been going on for 8 years straight.

After consulting with the steering committee (U-Report partner organisations),  the poll question was refined to read:

"U-Reporters of Yumbe.Please suggest how we can improve children's UPE performance in Yumbe District. From UNICEF on behalf of Hon. Oleru Huda Abason. MP, Yumbe"

and subsequently sent out on the 8th of May 2012.

Barely a day later over 500 responses were instigated highlighting various short term recommendations toward reversing this trend. A two page report was written and submitted to the Member of Parliament two days later who was extremely impressed by not just the flexibility of the system but with also the various brilliant suggestions made.

After several deliberations with the U-Report PM then and the country representative, preparations for a trip to Yumbe for the purpose of meeting and discussing short and medium strategies with U-Reporters, GEM, parents and all district education stakeholders was finalized.  A mobilization message to that effect was subsequently sent on the 29th of July and it read:  

"In July you told Hon. Huda how to improve UPE in Yumbe. She will be coming to Yumbe to discuss ur ideas at 10:30am, Tuesday at Praford.Will u come? YES or NO "


  • Meeting with over 40 youth, GEM and Yumbe district education stakeholders

  • GEM supported 53 youth back to school  

  • Local saving group set up to improve livelihoods of locals. (SAACO)

  • Post primary sponsorship for best performing pupil.

This shows how efficiently Hon. Huda embraced U-Report and took advantage of the system to engage the youth in matters that affect them and subsequently involving them in the deliberations whose outcome was positive.
See by the numbers how we are engaging youth voices for positive social change.