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U-Report changed my life, and women and children in my community! Here's how:

U-Report has changed things around for me in the following areas:

Sanitation has improved.

The government was able to carry out with its responsibilities in the areas of health where nurses were not in some health centres but now at least there are some roads are being repaired though not fully.

Mothers’ health and the new born babies have improved. Mothers are able to get vaccination on tetanus vaccines, babies vaccinated against the six killer diseases and also deworming on both adults and children.

Women and children are able to know their rights in their families about land ownership.

The communities are able to know where and to whom to report their cases/problems in-case it rises. 

Water sources were able to be kept clean through the village water management committees.

Child right have been looked at however children are not yet able to enjoy their rights fully as many children are still denied the access to education, good health, Participation.

Children are yet engaged in child Labour.

Women are able to join saving groups to enhance their finances. 

This was all through U-report emphasis.

See by the numbers how we are engaging youth voices for positive social change.